Minimalism it is what it is
What you see is what see
There is no hidden meaning (x4)

No matter how you look at it, A square is a square
There's no need to cuss or make a fuss or swear
No need to understand just what it represents
Or even understand the care that went into it
How Serra leaned into it or Flavin neon filaments
The essential element is a lack of sentiment
No need for language to explain what this or that meant
And if you're looking for a precedent
There's all kinds of evidence
Look at the stillness of the movement de stijl to
The will of Malevich as he used his guile to
Fill simple square with the blackest night
Or how Mondrian found it right to reduce our sight to
A tango of rectangles, all angles right
With a pallete of red, yellow, blue, black and white, too
They don't throw paint cause they have a right to
And if you call it metaphor then they're ready to fight you, cause...

Minimalism it is what it is
What you see is what see
There is no hidden meaning (x4)

Some call it cool, some ABC
'Cause it's work made of structures that are primary
That have a reduced formal vocabulary
An industrially produced seriality
Like Bell's cubes through which you can sometimes see
But had varying degrees of opacity
And Andre's metal plates scream step on me
And stella's canvases with all their angularity
Pieces that present new opportunities
For experiencing only what the eye could see
Where the presence of the object was their veracity
But did these pieces ever strive for singularity
Everything that's minimal is fundamental
Boiling down aesthetics to their bare essentials
The type of artwork that's exacting and experimental
You can find the sublime in the existential with...

Line, square, column, cube
Curve, sphere, volume, tube (x8)

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