Let Me Come To Your Opening

Gallerinas! Let me see ya!

Let me come to your opening (x8)

Art Girl, I know you've got a lot to go through
Your boss is on your back, 'cause you haven't made a sell to
That Bellevue escapee that they call a collector
And you need a new bulb for the video projector
The show's installed and you're ready to party
But you can't dance 'cause you've got to look arty
Not tacky, not tarty, and showing no emotion
But you really need to put your body in motion
So shake your butt and get a little bit sassy
Laugh till you're raspy, you can still be classy and
Throw sweat like Pollock threw paint
No time to be square, 'cause Judd you ain't
Get off the wall, you're no Warhol flower
It's time to express your expressionistic power
Dance and sing, get up and do your thing and
Let me come to your opening

Let me come to your opening (x8)

Act like you do when you're by yourself
At home, all alone and there's no one else
Looking, while your'e cooking to your favorite tune
Getting kinda naughty by the light of the moon
'Cause soon it will be ending, the party you're attending
And you're back to lending, borrowing and spending
Tending to the business that you don't always like
So let yourself go for once in your life
Forget about paying off your MFA degree
Relational aesthetics and Art History
I like your A-line dress, it's so pretty
But I really want to see you get funky
Let the African in like Picasso did
Go a little native like that Gaugin kid
Sweat till you shine like a diamond ring and
Let me come to your opening

Now wait a minute
This song is for the arty people
So all you M. F. Fly girls get on the floor

Get sexy
Get racy
Get naughty
Get tasty (x8)

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